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Me So Hungry: An Austin Food Truck

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Me So Hungry, a veg-friendly Asian-fusion food truck in Austin, Texas. The city of Austin is considered the most vegetarian-friendly city in the entire United States, with nearly every single restaurant or food truck offering vegetarian—and quite often, vegan—options. And in some places, it’s more like a “meat option” since everything is more or less meat-free.

For that reason alone, Austin is truly amazing. One of Dallas’ problems is that trying to eat “vegetarian,” with or without an exception for fish, can be extremely difficult depending on where you are and what kind of food you’re eating. Yet for some reason, squashed in between the heavy meat-eating, conservative Texas landscape, you find the vegetarian, progressive, eclectic city of Austin.

Because of a food shortage, the truck was closed earlier that day, but I made it just in time for their late opening. It was definitely quiet there—not just at Me So Hungry, but at the surrounding trucks too… although it was probably just because of the time I was eating.

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