Me So Hungry: An Austin Food Truck

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Me So Hungry, a veg-friendly Asian-fusion food truck in Austin, Texas. The city of Austin is considered the most vegetarian-friendly city in the entire United States, with nearly every single restaurant or food truck offering vegetarian—and quite often, vegan—options. And in some places, it’s more like a “meat option” since everything is more or less meat-free.

For that reason alone, Austin is truly amazing. One of Dallas’ problems is that trying to eat “vegetarian,” with or without an exception for fish, can be extremely difficult depending on where you are and what kind of food you’re eating. Yet for some reason, squashed in between the heavy meat-eating, conservative Texas landscape, you find the vegetarian, progressive, eclectic city of Austin.

Because of a food shortage, the truck was closed earlier that day, but I made it just in time for their late opening. It was definitely quiet there—not just at Me So Hungry, but at the surrounding trucks too… although it was probably just because of the time I was eating.

Me So Hungry is definitely not hard to miss. It’s bright green color was hard to miss, with its eccentric, red girl logo contrasting the green hue. The hot sun beamed down—what felt like exclusively—on me, making the whole “eating outside” thing kind of unenjoyable. But that’s Texas weather for you.

cucumber sashimi me so hungry

To start off, I got the cucumber sashimi ($4), which was six slices of cucumber drizzled in a nutty ginger-peanut sauce, toasted black sesame seeds, and a bit of lime and cilantro. The cool, crunchy carrots tasted soothing on a hot Austin day, a mini-relief from the hot weather. Interestingly, a slight spicy taste seeped through the nuttiness of the cucumber sashimi. Overall, it wasn’t that impressive, just kind of average. Definitely not something I’d crave for later.

lemongrass tofu

Next were two types of banh mi: the lemongrass tofu ($6) and the Asian BBQ tofu ($6). Both were incredibly spicy, something I’m not exactly that used to. (And I mean really, really spicy. No joke.) The banh mi itself is basically protein, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapeño, carrot, and cilantro-mayo on a toasted French bread. My personal favorite was the lemongrass tofu, mostly for the light, airy taste of lemongrass. The parts of the banh mi that didn’t have a ton of spice were actually really good—super tasty and very delicious.

asian bbq tofu

The Asian BBQ tofu banh mi was my parent’s favorite. It tasted just like meat—my dad didn’t even realize it wasn’t meat until just last week—which is good for you meat-lovers who like soy. There’s an Asian BBQ meat option, but I advise against it because the tofu one is still good, and you’re helping yourself, the animals, and the environment in a ton of ways by not eating meat. On the banh mi, the spice was overwhelming, but the Asian-barbecue taste was great.

The only vegan offender is the cilantro-mayo sauce in the banh mi, but don’t worry. That can be substituted with a vegan Sadie sauce at no extra cost. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also add fried egg or avocado, both at an extra charge of $1 each.

Overall, I’d say it was pretty tasty, just ask to go light on the jalapeños. (Trust me, a burning tongue isn’t that fun, especially if you hate paying a dollar for bottled water.) Aside from that, I’d definitely visit again, except I’d skip the cucumber sashimi altogether and pay close attention to the jalapeño count.


  1. Min says:

    Hi Kuya! Austin sure has a vibrant food scene ;). So many tasty food trucks to choose from! We’ve never tried Me So Hungry, but I would love to try your fav, the Asian BBQ tofu bahn mi. I’m with you. I like spicy but not when it numbs my tongue. Thank you for sharing your experience!


    • Kuya Joshua says:

      I love the vibrant food scene there! Personally, I’d love to study in the city for college partly because of all the food. 😛 You’ll have to recommend more Austin restaurants for the next time I’m down there!

      P.S. I personally liked the lemongrass tofu banh mi more, but my dad liked the Asian BBQ tofu banh mi. But I’d say trust me more, I’m 50% Asian and he’s 0% 😉


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