Time to Eat. (Welcome!)

I’m Joshua, and I’m half-Filipino and half-white. You could say it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Aside from cultural confusion, others’ inability to guess my race, and being monolingual, I have food; a mix of multiple cultures contributing to my status as a citizen not only of the United States and the Philippines, but my status as a citizen of the world. As an international person, I enjoy international food, as does my mom, dad, and younger brother Jude. There’s just one catch.

We eat veggies.

My mom and I are plant-eaters. Well, transitioning to a completely plant-based diet with occasional egg and dairy. When we decided to go mostly vegetarian in January, we began a journey almost incomprehensible to people.

Many people think of vegetarianism as a bunch of finicky hipsters eating salads for every meal. I’m here to change that. Vegetarians have fun too, and vegetables just as good (if not better) than meat!

Bok Choy and Broccoli is a quirky vegetarian blog where Eastern and Western cultures collide, creating a tempting, rebellious explosion of flavors known as “vegetarianism.” Being a plant-eater has never been more fun!

It’s time to change the perception, one mouth at a time.

Bok Choy and Broccoli  (english)


  1. Keithleen Boots Adducul-Pastores says:

    Hi Josh!!!

    Congratulations to you & your Mom!! I am soo proud of you!!! ❤

    I enjoyed reading and looking at the photos! am looking forward to your next blogs!!!

    Tita Kate

    Great job, Ate Boots!!! i am glad you are having fun with this "project"! 😉


  2. Nancy Grace Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Joshua,
    I’m the woman at yoga who pesters you with questions about school and books. I’ve missed seeing you in class. Hope you’ll be back soon.
    This morning, your dad told me about this site and I actually found it! How exciting to see such professional photos and layouts. I’ll bookmark it and return often to keep up with your news and recipes. Sherry and I are vegetarians, so your summer project is our gain!
    Nancy Grace


    • Kuya Joshua says:

      Hi Nancy Grace!
      I’m so glad you found it! I’ll definitely be back at yoga pretty soon—I’ve just been so busy, especially with getting this blog set up! Hope you enjoy the recipes! Hopefully it can give you some more ideas on what to make in case you ever want to try something a little different from the norm. 😀 Give my regards to Sherry and I’ll see you soon!


  3. jody foss says:

    Congratulations, Joshua and Boots on your new venture. I love the recipes.
    Me So Hungry! I love that!
    I grow a big garden here in Kimberly, Oregon.
    come visit and come ride the mules when you can!
    Love always, Cousin Jod


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